Friends with Benefits


We've been meaning to talk to you.  Can we just be friends?  You know....with benefits.  Swing by sometime for a Mustache Rye'd and see what we can do for you in return....

We have a brand new Happy Hour 5-7pm Wednesday and Thursday.  20% off draft beers!  Thats a DOLLAR off full pints our regular beers and half pints of our Funkytown Series as well as $0.60 off half pints of regular beers!

Are you a homebrewer?  We were too.  Come in and show us your club membership card or your American Homebrewers Association card and you get 10% off draft beers.  The more you drink the more you save!

Ride bikes?  Pedal that thing over here.  Bring it inside if we've got room and sit down at the bar to enjoy 10% off draft beers every day but Thursday.  That means Wednesday, Friday and Saturday for those of you keeping track.  I know there's at least one person reading this that is already pissed that Thursday was left off the list.  "But Ryan, I only ride my bike to drink beer on Thursdays!  You hate Thursday night cyclists! Internet boycot!"  Well before you finish that angry Yelp review hear this:  Ride your bicycle (mountain bike, carbon road wonderbike, fixie, trike or even one of those weird recumbant bikes) to the brewery on Thursday and get 20% off draft beers!!!!!!!


Crowlers are awesome.  Three crowlers are even better.  We call it a briefcase.  Buy two crowlers and get the third half off.  Walk away with a briefcase.  Simple.



Are you easily entertained AND a cheapass?  Come in Wednesday and order in the voice of Sean Connery or Arnold Schwarzenegger and get between 1% and 10% off draft beers.  Once per customer.   

It's not a two-ma!

It's not a two-ma!

Working at another brewery?  25% off draft beers for you too.


Only one discount at a time.  Don't be greedy.

Ryan Deyo Co-Founder/Head Brewer

Ryan Deyo Co-Founder/Head Brewer

Coming up from under the radar...

So... we've been a little quiet on the social media front for the past month or so.  Hell, this is the first blog post in quite some time.  Fortunately there has been a good reason for our relative silence.  We're working.  In fact we've been working our asses off.  Check out some pictures of our progress.

All that isn't even half of it.  We are mostly done with the bar.  The draft tower is setup and we've spent many long nights testing it's dispensing capabilities.  So far it works, but we may have to test it out again tomorrow night after we finish brewing.  

Speaking of brewing....our shiny new brewhouse is up and running.  So, in preparation for what I plan to announce at the end of this post, we have been brewing the damn wheels off of this thing.  (Yes our brewhouse has wheels.)  Pale Galaxy is in our newest seven barrel tank.  More Mustache Rye'd is on the way as well as a couple new beers for the taproom.  

We're also putting the finishing touches on our newest line of beers, the Funkytown Series.  These new beers are what we are calling our Brett series.  Brett is short for Brettanomyces a non-traditional yeast that unifies this whole series.  The first beer in the series, Petite Golden Sour is a light, dry super tart beer featuring lactobacillus and brett.  Think lemons, grapefruit and pear with a light bready character.  Look for this to be released in bottles at our taproom and on draft at select bars in the area.  More details about the series and the Petite Golden Sour to come.  In the mean time have a look at a pretty picture.










It's going to be a party.  Food trucks, beer, air conditioning/heating, beer, live music and beer.  It's going to be a great time.  Wow I'm glad I was able to get that off my chest.  

-Ryan Deyo

Co-Founder/Head Brewer


Geez what a large signature

Geez what a large signature



















Ok. Ok. Ok.  You probably want to know what the date for the grand opening party is.  


November 1, 2014

(stay tuned to the events page or social mediaz for more specific details)

Coming Soon: The Collective, Taproom & Brewery

As many of you know, we are currently brewing in a small warehouse in Haltom City, while our permanent location in the Near Southside district of Fort Worth is under renovation.  We are really excited about the space, not just because we installed an air-conditioning system, but because it is a building that has been standing since the early 1920’s and it comes with a lot of charm and history.  From the old fire door on the north wall to the exposed brick throughout, it gives the character that we desired for our Brewery and Taproom. 

The front of the brewery...pre-renovation.

The front of the brewery...pre-renovation.


While the space is coming along a lot slower than we planned, we are enjoying seeing the progress it’s making.  We acquired the space back in April after two years of searching for the perfect property, location, and price.  The first thing that needed to happen was the addition of plumbing and bathrooms.  The framing for the bathrooms went-up rather quickly. 

By the beginning of May, with progress moving at a glacial pace, the insulation and drywall went up for the bathrooms and the air-conditioning (yes, we said air-conditioning) was installed. 

In June some structural adjustments were made to the roof, the old broken windows were removed, and the bathrooms were put-together with running water and electricity. 

Finally, now in July, half of the new windows have been installed, the walkway has been pushed back to be made into a closet, and the front side door has been transformed into a window. 

The concrete floors are under renovation as we speak, and the rest of the windows are being put-in.  We hope to have the front doors and façade complete by the end of month in preparation for our new brewing systems delivery. 

We are hopeful that we will be open to the public late August, but until then you can enjoy a Mustache Rye’d Rye Porter and/or a Pale Galaxy Session IPA on tap at The Bearded LadyBrewed and The Pour House.


Not good enough for you?  Then join us:

·      Saturday, July 12th:  Supreme Golf Warehouse 8pm-?

We will be pouring our brews alongside Martin House and Rahr for the Night Riders 500th Ride Celebration

·      Sunday July 13th: Fat Tire Mountain Bike Festival 9am-3pm

Beer, bikes, and live music at Gateway Park.  Come to ride the trails, stay for the beer. 

Mike, Tessa, and Ryan

Mike, Tessa, and Ryan


To start things off...

To start things off, I don’t like to write. I am not creative, handy maybe, but not creative. For instance, Ryan and I want to bottle our Funky Town Series of beers and due to the cost of a bottling line and the small scale at which we are operating, we are building our own. That is my project this week. Ryan’s the creative one, i.e. that’s why he is the brewer. He showed me what he wanted and I’m ready to roll.

New lease...

I knew this day would come.  It’s the day every new brewery startup seems to meet amidst hectic days. It’s time for a state of the union so to speak.  Or as I like to call it, “What the hell have those guys been up to? And when the hell can I get my hands on some damn beer?!”  Succinct right?  Just like our name.