New lease...

“Within very wide limits, greatness is perfectly compatible with organized insanity.”

            -Aldous Huxley

I knew this day would come.  It’s the day every new brewery startup seems to meet amidst hectic days. It’s time for a state of the union so to speak.  Or as I like to call it, “What the hell have those guys been up to? And when the hell can I get my hands on some damn beer?!”  Succinct right?  Just like our name. 

I’d bet that most of you reading this have met us a time or two so I won’t bore you with who Mike and I are or how we started in the beer business…yet.  Let’s get down to brass tacks.  2013.  Geez that was an exciting year.  We brewed a ton, wrote a business plan eighty five times, worked for free a bunch to get experience in the industry, poured a ton of beer, and made some great friends.  All that was leading up to an even bigger year.

2014 started with a bang.  We moved into a commercial space to build up our pilot brewhouse and get our licensing started.  We got a small, small taste of what the big time is like. 

Just when it seems like everything is slowing down, everything starts to happen at once.  The end of March and beginning of April saw our state and federal licensing come through.  Holy crap, we’re legit now!  We scrambled to get our labels in for approval, tap handles were developed, oh and we signed a lease on our new larger location.  I should probably repeat that.


That’s right , pack up the moving van because we’re headed to Fort Worth.  Haltom City you’ve been great but we’re ready for some room to stretch out.  After some renovation we will be moving into what will become a full service taproom, barrel house and brewery.  Expect regular hours, taproom only draft beers, limited edition bottle releases,  live music, food trucks and dedicated bicycle parking and repair station.  We are excited. You should be to.


June is filled with events!  I’m happy to announce our launch dates as well as some of the other best places to be and drink our beer in June:

June 8- Fort Worth Fat Tire Festival-This is one of my favorite events to go to every year.  The Collective loves all bicycles, but mountain bikes have a special place in our hearts.  Beer, live music, food, Gateway Park.  Come out and show your support for a seriously awesome group. 


June 12-Brewed-This is our official launch date.  Yep from this day forward you will be able to find our beer in the best bars around town.  First though we party with the great people at Brewed.  Come out for live music on one of the best patios in Fort Worth. 

June 13-Pour House- The party continues.  Did you know The Pour House has one of the largest selections of craft beer in Fort Worth?  Yeah, it’s awesome. 

June 21-Best Little Brewfest-Old town Lewisville is hosting.  Outdoor beer festival?  Our beer? Tents?  Food trucks? AIR CONDITIONING?!?!?! Yes please.

That wraps it up for now…

All this wouldn’t be possible without some amazing people at our side.  I personally want to thank my wife for all of her support.  Whether she’s pouring beer at an event, or waiting patiently for me to come home after a day at the fire station and 14 hour brew day, she’s always got my back. 

The guys at Martin House Brewing Company deserve a special thanks.  Cody and the gang were gracious enough to take me on as a volunteer last year.  There I was able to learn the ropes at a real deal production brewery.  They have been very supportive of all us new startups in the DFW area. 

I also can't forget to thank my parents.  They have been hugely supportive.  Even out on the road traveling they spread the gospel of craft beer and The Collective.

More thanks....Karla Ward, Beverly Bingham, Macy Moore, Josh Boyd, The Texas Craft Brewers Guild, Night Riders, Texas Brewing INC, The Cap and Hare, Brewed, The Bearded Lady, The Pour House, Zio Carlo's and all our friends and family that have been supportive on this long road.