To start things off...

To start things off, I don’t like to write. I am not creative, handy maybe, but not creative. For instance, Ryan and I want to bottle our Funky Town Series of beers and due to the cost of a bottling line and the small scale at which we are operating, we are building our own. That is my project this week. Ryan’s the creative one, i.e. that’s why he is the brewer. He showed me what he wanted and I’m ready to roll.

It’s these projects amidst the tedious paperwork that are getting me through this startup phase. I can’t say starting a brewery doesn’t come with stress, even though apparently all we do is sit around and drink beer all day. Ha! Funny thing though; no matter how much more stressful opening your own business is, compared to that 8-5 job, there hasn’t been one day where I woke up and dreaded going to work. Maybe dreaded waking up so early, but not having to go. On a side note, anyone that plans on opening their own business, beer or other, when people tell you it’s a lot of work, that’s bullshit because “a lot” doesn’t even come close to how much work it is. Nothing could have prepared me for this.

The other night there was a Fort Worth South Happy Hour Meeting and I was talking with Doug Cannon (Fort Worth Small Business Development Center) who helped us out tremendously with our business plan and everything else that you need to get through when starting a company. I was venting about the most recent setback of about a hundred now, and he said something I don’t think I will ever forget. He said, “You’re living the dream. Now I don’t know what you thought that dream was going to be when you started this, but you’re living it.” That was very eye opening. But, no matter how crazy, hectic, frustrating; it’s all worth it, because I get to close the end of the day with a pint of beer that I made. It’s a weird, rewarding feeling.

Now, when I say “I made” I am referring to “We”. You know, the royal we. I would not be able to do this without Ryan. We have known each other for 18 years, lived together in college for a bit and even after college. You know he studied and researched everything he could get his hands on for 6 months before he made his first batch of beer in his garage. That’s where this all started, on a 5-gallon system like most other homebrewers. We then built our own 10-gallon. After that we moved up and bought a 1½ BBL system from Stubby at the Homebrew Emporium. Now we are renovating our new location in Fort Worth and have a 3½ BBL system coming in from Portland Kettleworks. It’s amazing how slow everything feels but how fast time goes by.

Construction has begun on our space at 112 St. Louis Ave. in Southside Fort Worth. Crazy how much we have to do in just a couple months. Our goal is to have our taproom open by August 1st. Lets cross our fingers. We have bathrooms being installed and they cut the roof openings for our air conditioning. Plan on a nice cool place to relax and have a beer this summer. We are not doing official tours so stop by anytime and enjoy a pint, a bottle or take a growler to go. That’s right, you can buy directly from us to take home.

I will try and keep everyone updated on our progress and especially when and where you can get our beer, as long as I have enough time to set my beer down. Cheers!