Brew. drink. repeat.


The Collective is Fort Worth's first franken-monster of a brewery.  We're an unholy marriage of production brewery and badass taproom.  Ride your bike down to the near southside and hang out in our taproom, talk beer, play cornhole, eat some snacks and sample some of our beer you can't get anywhere else.  You can also hop in your gas guzzler and check out the beers at your favorite watering hole.  


Co-Founder, Head Brewer, Squeegee Ninja / Ryan Deyo

Co-Founder, Sales, Token Beard Grower / Mike Goldfuss

Event Coordinator, Books, Baby Mama / Tessa Deyo

Brewer, Cellermen / Ben Wood

Brewer, Cellermen / James Herrington

Keg Pusher / Zane Taylor

Taproom, Beer Yogini / Carly Taylor

Taproom, Professor of Tubes / Dave Riddile